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Belkin SheerForce Elite Case for...
Belkin SheerForce Elite Case for...

Belkin SheerForce Elite Case for iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus

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Celebrate your iPhone's beautiful design while protecting it. The durable SheerForce Elite Protective Case offers enhanced drop performance up to 5.9 feet. Belkin's innovative engineering uses a material that's UV-resistant, ensuring the color doesn't yellow or fade when exposed to the sun. The sturdy material is easy to grip so you can be confident in your phone's safety.

The polycarbonate material this case is made from combines properties of plastic and rubber, simultaneously providing strength and shock-absorption.

Thanks to their unique molecular structure, these cases have enhanced drop performance up to 5.9 feet. Repeated impacts are successfully dispersed throughout the case, keeping the phone intact.

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iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 8 Plus
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Belkin was founded by CEO, Chet Pipkin, in his parent’s garage. Even back then, Chet’s passion was driven by solving customer’s needs. He manufactured computer cable assemblies in the evenings and on weekends, and sold them to local computer manufacturers and dealers in response to the burgeoning personal computer market in the 1980’s. Since then, we’ve kept our southern California origins and are based in Playa Vista, right in the heart of the Los Angeles tech center.

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